Borderland State Park – Easton, MA

Borderland State Park – Easton, MA

Hiking, Dog-Friendly

We like to take walks/hikes on the weekend.  We often head to Borderland because of its easy walking trails and beauty.  We’ve even pushed a stroller down it’s dirt paths.  Lately though, both kids walk themselves!  My daughter calls it the “doggy park” because there are always an array of people there walking their dogs that we of course have to stop and pet.every.5.secs.  We often see horses walking the trails as well which brings a lot of excitement to the faces of the little ones.

There are a few different entrances to the park.  The main entrance charges a slight parking fee ($2/car) to help maintain the property and leads you on a trail next to a pond.  We have a favorite bench to the right where we sit and often watch dogs taking a swim or chasing a ball into the water.

Lately, we have been visiting the entrance on the other side of the park near Mountain St. There is no parking lot, you just park on the side of the dirt road, but it leads you down a wide trail along a pond.  The trail loops around and we always look forward to reaching the halfway point where you can find a bridge, waterfall and bird watching hut.  My daughter picks wildflowers along the way and my son carries the largest, heaviest rocks he can find.

There’s a third entrance as well. Wherever you start, whatever you find, it always makes for a beautiful day.

Few things to note:

  • In the Fall, this seems to be a popular place to take family photos (the foliage is stunning)

How to get there:

259 Massapoag Ave, Easton, MA 02356
(508) 238-6566

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